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Types of Balloons

There many Types of Balloons; looking for balloons for your next party or event? Then you may be interested in knowing about the different types of balloons and, at the same time, you can assess which would suit your needs best—a reason why today we’ll be telling you about different types of balloons.

Balloons are eye-catching, loved by kids and adults alike, and you can even imprint whatever message you want thanks to their huge imprint area where your logo or message can be visible even at large distances.

By learning about different balloons, you can buy exactly what you need for your party or whatever purpose you may want your balloons for. Continue reading, and feels free to pick whichever balloon type you may like.

Types of Balloons

There are four main types of party balloons; latex, mylar, and cloudbuster.

Latex Balloons

These are probably the balloons know by most people, the ones you grew up with watching at birthday parties.
These balloons inflate to an oval shape, are made of recyclable latex, and are easily customized. They are usually available in a size range from 9 inches to 18 inches.

Latex balloons generally take helium well, usually lasting anywhere from 10 hours to 14 hours of float time.
Latex balloons are also very flexible in the sense that they can be used without helium.
You can fill latex balloons up with regular air by using an air inflator, a foot pump, or a hand inflator.
You can then easily tie the balloons onto the balloon cups for sticks and then affix the balloon cups onto either a 16” or 24” cello stick.
Any imprinted latex balloons can also be used with a universal valve. These valves can only be used with latex balloons, and it makes inflating them much easier.

Bulk Pack of Strong Latex Balloons

Types of balloons 


  • Vivid colors
  • It blows up to 12.”

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

These Prextex premium party balloons are the perfect addition to your party supplies list to use in party design and decoration or as party favors.

Contains an assortment of 10 vivid colors, blue, light blue, purple, red, orange, yellow, green, light green, peach, and hot pink, each color in an equal amount of 30 balloons, totaling 300 premium party balloons.

Made of helium-grade thickened pure latex for that perfect fun experience.

Mylar Balloons

These are also known as foil balloons and are more expensive than latex balloons. Customized mylar balloons are at their best and most attractive when filled using helium gas and tied with string.

When shopping for mylar balloons, try to find balloons with self-sealing valves. Anagram foil balloons are constructed from an elite composite material giving them a whopping 5 to 7 days of float time.
Be discerning when shopping for mylar balloons. Cheap, low-quality mylar balloons are not necessarily the best deal because those balloons will have short float times and may have high levels of defects and pin-holes, allowing air to escape.

Blue Mylar Balloons

Types of balloons 


  • Sturdy
  • Large size
  • Reusable

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Create a unique magical effect for your party with these Blue Foil Balloons with a splendid ombre effect that will hold every attention in the room.

These 4D ball-shaped Foil Balloons mimic the glorious glowing balls and create a beautiful wonderland.
These Sturdy Blue mylar Balloons are long-lasting, and the best part is you can deflate them and store them for future use.

Cloudbuster Balloons

Cloudbuster balloons are often also referred to as chloroprene or vinyl balloons. These are made of super high-quality latex that repels the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and is up to 10 times stronger than regular latex balloons.
Depending on the size of the cloudbuster balloons you order, float times can sometimes reach 3 weeks.

Unfortunately, they are non-customizable, but a high flying, bright-colored chloroprene balloon is a perfect marker for your business location or event, even from a great distance.

These balloons are attached to a sturdy fiberglass stem and are inflated with air, requiring no helium. These balloons are great because they can be placed outside and withstand rain, sun, and wind while retaining their shine and shape. These balloons give a great return on investment because they do not have to be replaced as often as balloons that use helium, saving money and time in the long run.

Space Balloons party

Types of balloons 


  • Navy Blue Orange Metallic Silver
  • Party Balloon
  • Rubber

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Outer space party theme party decorations provide you with a hassle-free and magical way to celebrate your outer space theme party.

High-quality latex balloons, standard 10-inch balloons, the size of the balloon is very suitable, and you can use helium, hydrogen, and air to inflate them.

Party Balloons

Toy Balloons

These are small-sized latex party balloons. They are fun and fill a room with their burst of colors. Latex balloons are generally 10 to around 30 centimeters in diameter and are filled with air or helium.

LED Balloons

These are ordinary latex balloons with a LED inside (or the illumination system outside the balloon), making them quite the display. At the right moment, you can turn the LED on, and the balloon starts to glow, illuminating everything around your arch, garland, or column.

Types of Reusable Balloons


The DuraBalloon is a mid-sized reusable balloon with a decent 18” x 18” round shape. With up to 35 color and design options to choose from, you can find the perfect balloon to suit any occasion. Coined the “World’s Strongest Balloon,” the DuraBalloon® is perfect for outdoor use, as it won’t easily wear down under the elements.

DuraBalloon – Weatherproof Reusable Balloon Cluster Pole Kit

Types of balloons 


  • Reusable
  • Seamless balloon design

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These specially-engineered plastics retain the balloon’s shape and offset extreme temperature changes. Using new fade-resistant technology & specially pigmented polymers, DuraBalloons will create lasting colorful attention and withstand nearly all inclement weather conditions.
DuraBalloons are made of a material similar to the feel of an exercise ball. They ship deflated and can be inflated using any hand pump or air compressor with a cone tip.


Slightly smaller than the DuraBalloon and oval-shaped, the BalloonBobber sits at 17” x 16” on its own. This product is paneled with seams, similar to a beach ball, and fares better in the heat rather than the cold.

Balloon Bobber – Weatherproof Reusable Paneled Balloon Cluster Pole Kit

Types of balloons 


  • Reusable
  • Durable

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This Cluster Pole Kit is made to be used anywhere with custom mounting options. The Ground Mount is great in any soft landscape.
The Banded Brackets or Screw Brackets are perfect for mounting fences, poles, and uprights.
The balloon bobber line is specially designed for easy inflation. These balloons ship deflated and inflated using your mouth.

Common Questions Regarding Types of Balloons 

What is the best type of balloon?

The three main types of balloon materials are latex, mylar, and vinyl. Each material has its own set of pros and cons, and each is better suited for certain types of events.
Mylar balloons are more expensive than latex balloons, but there are some excellent reasons why. They are undoubtedly higher quality balloons with a metallic look and feel and have much larger imprint areas and far longer float times. Nothing grabs more attention than a cute, bright, shiny floating mylar balloon.

However, reusable balloons should be the preferred option for any party planner, event coordinator, or a business owner. With reusable balloons, you can inflate, deflate, and store these items without the issue of them taking up too much space.

How many types of air balloons are there?

  • There are three main types of balloons; the first is the Montgolfier type which uses fire to heat the air inside the balloon to gain lift.
  • The second is the hybrid balloon that uses hot air in the same way but also has a helium or hydrogen gas compartment at the top.
  • The final kind is a pure gas balloon that doesn’t use hot air, and the altitude can only be controlled by dropping ballast or venting the gas.

What are shiny balloons called?

Foil, often mistakenly called Mylar balloons, can be shiny, almost mirror finished and shaped and sized many, many different ways.

What type of balloon is the strongest?

Chloroprene balloons are up to 10 times stronger than regular latex balloons. Cloudbuster Balloons inflate to an almost perfect sphere and are so strong that they are used exclusively outdoors.
Outdoor Reusable balloons are similar to latex balloons but are made of a UV-resistant vinyl material that allows them to last for months and sometimes years.

How do reusable balloons work?

Permanent balloons use regular air to be inflated, much like an inner tube or bike tire, and then are screwed into a fiberglass stem holder or different configurations of inflation port hardware.

How do you inflate a reusable balloon?

Reusable balloons can be inflated using a FastFlow Inflator/Deflator, a hand/foot pump, or an inflator tip with a bike pump or air compressor.

What is the difference between latex and mylar balloons?

Mylar balloons, sometimes also called foil balloons, cannot be used with balloon cups and sticks. Unlike the latex balloons, which are stretchy and flexible, foil balloons do not affix very well onto the balloon cups.

What is balloon twisting?

Typically, these latex balloons have long and thin forms and create (twisting) figures. This art is called balloon twisting.
You can use twisting balloons to create single flowers, whole bouquets and baskets of flowers, figurines of animals, cartoon characters, and many other things.

Additional Tips about Types of Balloons

  • All balloon types and sizes are great for decorating various events, but latex balloons and letter or number balloons are especially relevant. Sometimes, foil balls are used to create visual accents at the party.
  • If you are thinking about decorating a children’s birthday, these events often use ordinary but very colorful latex balloons, toy balloons, number and letter balloons, as well as twisting balloons.
  • Led-balloons are the top solution for evening parties; they look beautiful in the dark and illuminate your venue with dim light.
  • If you want everyone to know about your event, it’s a good idea to use giant cloud-buster balloons (especially with display pennants that accompany the balloons).


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Photo of author
Samantha Cleanwell is a housekeeping expert who has dedicated her life to helping homeowners achieve clean and organized spaces. She was born and raised in the United States, and has spent her entire life perfecting her cleaning methods and discovering new ways to keep spaces clean and orderly.

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