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Types of Corner Storage

There are 10 best Types of Corner Storage. Are you in the process of re-organizing your home and are currently looking to invest in a storage solution? It sounds like you could use different types of corner storage.
These units can help you transform what now probably looks like a messy room into a completely different one—the reason why we’ll be telling you all about different types of corner storage.

If that corner of your room, living room, bathroom, or kitchen has been on your mind lately and you have no idea what to put there, corner storage is what you need. You will not only fill that blank but also provide a stylish way to store and keep your home neat and clutter-free. This way, you’ll also get a lovely decorative piece while keeping your stuff in order.

Whether you’re organizing kitchen items, towels, or your favorite books and family photos, different types of corner storage is the right solution. However, with so many options, making the right choice can be a little overwhelming. So we are here to help and point you in the right direction by showing you types of corner storage; feel free to choose your favorite.

Types of Corner Storage

Wall Mount Corner Shelves

Types of corner storage

The 5 tier wall mount corner shelves are lightweight yet sturdy. They are made of durable MDF laminate.

These Corner shelves are functional and attractive alike. It matches almost every décor and is excellent for your kitchen, dining room, living room, or office.

Use it as a practical shelf or to display collectibles, photos, etc., or decorative items. Great for storing spice bottles and dishes in the kitchen or using the shelves in the bathroom for toiletries and towels.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy
  • S-shape

Furinno 5 Tier Corner Shelf

Types of corner storage

Simple, stylish design yet functional and suitable for any room. The tube and panel systems can be adjusted to different heights by adding or reducing tiers. These shelving units can be placed in any room to provide additional storage spaces.

They come in different colors to fit in the theme of your existing furniture collection. They are made from materials that are tested for durability and strength.

Excellent storage unit for bathroom, closet, home office, living room, kids room, kitchen, etc.


  • Unique Structure
  • Smart Design
  • CARB compliant

Love-KANKEI Corner Shelf Wall Mount

Types of corner storage

The corner shelf features a rustic style with a particular zigzag shape, torched finish solid wood and powder-coated metal brackets, aesthetically pleasing your guests with displaying photos, ornamental and travel collectibles on this shelf in your bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and more.

The max weight capacity of this whole storage shelf is 44 lb.; each tier shelf can load 8.8 lb. items. And the metal groove joint firmly connects the brackets and boards, making the whole wall shelf sturdy enough to display items.

This rustic wooden corner shelf can be mounted in any style room as an excellent décor for decoration or just a storage tool.


  • Wood
  • Rustic
  • S-shape

Kitchen Corner Countertop Shelf

Types of corner storage 1 - types of corner storage

The corner rack can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, laundry room, office, and other indoor use as a spice rack, makeup organizer, bookshelf designed to place cosmetics, perfumes, and necessities.

It is a lightweight but solid corner shelf; made of renewable bamboo boards, stainless solid metal legs, plastic non-slip feet, which protect your counter space properly.

The shelf organizer is easily assembled and makes your countertop neat and tidy; the freestanding design makes it easy to move wherever more storage is needed.


  • Stainless Steel
  • Countertop
  • Multifunctional

Meangood Bathroom Corner Shelf Stand

Types of corner storage

The 3-tier rustic bathroom corner shelf made of 100% solid wood with a torched finish showcases the premium quality and a stylish look. The corner shelf is perfect for storage and display items in your home of the bathroom, hallway, living room, bedroom, and kitchen.

The corner shelf stand can be used as a bathroom shower organizer and a plant stand, a nightstand, a bookshelf, a spice rack, and home décor.

The corner shelf will get things organized and make your corner look fuller and warmer. This corner shelf stands fit the corner beautifully and complement the area, make the most use of small spaces.


  • Multipurpose
  • Rustic
  • Wood

Modern Wood Corner Ladder Shelf

Types of corner storage 1 - types of corner storage

This tall shelving unit fits great in any corner of the living room, bedroom, home office, kitchen, hallway, balcony, bathroom, etc.

The open shelf unit can play a corner shelf, exhibition display rack, CD rack, plant standing perfectly.

The corner stand is made of a thick board and wood frame that ensures stability and durability, with adjustable wood feet on the bottom that can keep the corner ladder shelf wobble from the uneven floor.


  • Solid construction
  • Indoor use
  • A-shape

3-Tier Kitchen Corner Shelf Rack

Types of corner storage

The 3 Tier Corner Shelf helps utilize the corner of your cabinets or counter with a perfect corner fit and slanted front. Helps protect fine china and glassware.

It is ideal for organizing cabinets with a heavy-duty structure allowing for storage of heavier items.

Includes rust-resistant PE finish that keeps the rack sturdy and protected from rust and other corrosives. And has plastic feet to protect against the counter and cabinet scratches.


  • Alloy Steel, Metal
  • Hexagonal
  • Rust-resistant PE coating

Corner Shelf for Living Room

Types of corner storage

This corner utility shelf can be used as a corner bookcase; this corner organizer can organize your home decors, flower vases, photo frames, books, or collectibles. Another decorative item can be displayed.

This corner shelf organizer is perfect for standing in your small cookhouse, used as a kitchen organizer rack; multi-tier open shelf to store your vegetable, snacks, fruit, spice, bowls, plates, dishes, cups, and other kitchen items.

It is also perfect for small spaces between your bed and wall, shares the same function with a beside the table.


  • Multipurpose
  • High-density PVC
  • Wall Mount

Evron Corner Mounting Shelf

Types of corner storage

An excellent fixture to give your room more life with your art boutiques and favorite decoration.

Great space-saving shelves by changing your room corner into a functional storage section. Each wall shelf has around 435 square cm and is more than enough to display books, CDs, plant terrarium, photo frames, etc.


  • Wood frosting pattern
  • BPA Free

4 Tier Ladder Bookshelf

Types of corner storage

This corner shelving unit is so compact that can fit stairs, corner, and any small spaces welly with the four-piece wooden boards with different size.

So portable but powerful that this corner stands shelf provides ample storage space for your odds and ends.

It also works as a kitchen corner shelf, designed with a black metal frame; traditional wooden tone fan-shaped shelf.


  • Multipurpose
  • A-Shape
  • Rustic, industrial

Common Questions Regarding Types of Corner Storage 

How do you store corner cupboards?

Stash less-used items in the back. Line the back of those shelves with the fancy glassware that rarely gets used and use the very front of those shelves for the glasses you use all the time.
Use bottom corner cabinets as appliance garages. Bottom corner cabinets typically have one significant advantage over the rest of your cabinets: They’re big enough to handle the bulkier items.
Consider storing garbage and recycling. If you think corner cabinet storage is already throwaway space, use the lower cabinet for your garbage and recycling cans.
Resist the urge to overfill. This tip makes a lot of sense; it’s pretty hard to get things out if they’re packed in too tightly.
Get creative. Cut cereal boxes on an angle and use them to hold plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and boxes of zip-top bags.

How do you support a corner shelf?

The shelf can be supported by simple planed timber battens (50x18mm (2x¾ inch)) fixed to the walls on each side of the corner – this will give sufficient support for most purposes – alternatively metal angle can be set to the walls to support the shelf, this can give the impression that the shelf is unsupported.

Are corner shelfs unsupported?

The shelf itself can be of various shapes; however, a triangular or a ‘quarter round’ shelf tend to be the most convenient – a square shelf means that the outer half is effectively not supported, but the wall supports unless additional fixings are made above the shelf to prevent the ‘back’ of the shelf tipping up. A general point to note is that the part of the shelf projecting forward of a line between the ends of the supports on the wall is effectively unsupported.

What can I do with a corner cabinet?

Curved cabinets are great at concealing and transforming corners. They can accommodate pull-out drawers, open shelves, or lazy shelves, which rotate for easy access to their contents. A curved corner cabinet can make a great pantry.

How do you anchor a corner shelf?

Use anchors to mount the backplate. If you are drilling into a wall where no studs are available, use a level to make sure the shelf is straight and mark through the holes with a secure pencil.

What are the two types of corner shelves?

  • Floating wall corner shelves. These shelves screw directly into the wall behind them, appearing to spring forwards out of the plasterwork with no supporting bracket or floor-standing frame.
  • Standing corner shelves. The shelves don’t require nails or wall brackets, instead of standing as a unit from the floor and blending into the wall. These offer a contemporary look with architectural design quality.


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Samantha Cleanwell is a housekeeping expert who has dedicated her life to helping homeowners achieve clean and organized spaces. She was born and raised in the United States, and has spent her entire life perfecting her cleaning methods and discovering new ways to keep spaces clean and orderly.
Photo of author
Samantha Cleanwell is a housekeeping expert who has dedicated her life to helping homeowners achieve clean and organized spaces. She was born and raised in the United States, and has spent her entire life perfecting her cleaning methods and discovering new ways to keep spaces clean and orderly.

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